Thursday, 9 September 2010

These are a few of my favourite sites...

I'm always discovering interesting new sites so I thought I'd blog about a few of my favourite sites and why I love them. The first is The man who runs it, Adrian, is absolutely lovely and if you join the Facebook page, you'll see he runs some exciting and creative competitions from time to time. sell a wide range of gifts and decorations to suit so many different occasions. For example, there are some cute little gift boxes to store wedding favours, some festive Christmas tree decorations, and some brilliant garden accessories. Additionally, there are gifts for various parts of the home oozing vintage chic, real retro and happy hearts. Your items will arrive in plenty of bubble-wrap so you never have to worry about a fragile product getting damaged in the post.There is such a gorgeous selection on offer that you'll want to buy the lot!

Then there's Wysteria Lane which sells a beautiful and fab range of girly goodies. Whether you're a domestic goddess, a jewellery junky or a tea lover, there's something to suit everyone!

They also have a Facebook page you may want to join for some juicy offers and delicious recipes :) One thing you should know about the lovely ladies at Wysteria Lane is that the offer brilliant customer service! Let me explain in pictures:

You order will come wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper, sealed with beautiful ribbon. On top of that, it comes with a lovely card welcoming you to Wysteria Lane and thanking you for your order- it's even handwritten! That's mainly what did it for me- so much so that I felt compelled to write them an e-mail thanking them for their amazing customer service! They really do make you feel like you're their most important customer.

Then there's MCF (my celebrity fashion). These guys are super! Their site is filled with the latest trends and inspirations and you can steal a celebrity's style for a fraction of the price thanks to their useful links. Their Vox Pops (where they travel to different cities asking people about their sense of style and where their outfit came from) helps me to identify some pieces of clothing or shoes that I hadn't even come across. Which of course means I just have to visit my nearest store to find that dress or those pair of boots!

They also draw my attention to some amazing discounts (that have come in very useful in the past!) and up-to-date celebrity news for all you gossip girls out there! They also hold fabulous competitions both on their website and on their Facebook page so keep an eye out for those!

As with the other lovelies I've already mention, MCF offer great customer service. Not too long ago, they asked me if I wanted to feature on their site as their 'Fan of the Month'- I obviously said yes! I was delighted at the prospect of featuring on their website but what really sealed the deal was the retro sweets that were on offer ;)

They sent me these goodies as a way of thanks for my support but I didn't expect it to come all wrapped with a little note! And I love nicely-wrapped gifts so this was a great surprise ^_^
Aren't they sweet?! :D ok, bad use of a pun there! haha

Then there's this other website that is just filled with yummy surprises!! Whether it's bacon gumballscookie dough bites or rice and sweet red bean flavour KitKat (I'm being deadly serious!), there is an amazing range of weird and wonderful treats to tentalise your tastebuds!

Did you know that KitKat actually means 'good luck' in Japanese? Or at least it sounds like the Japanese word for 'good luck' but apparently sales in Japan hit the roof during exam period! I think I better get me some KitKat- I could do with some good fortune! After all, if sales keep rising at exam time then there must be something in it...right?

UK postage costs just £2.99 (super saver delivery) or £6.99 (standard delivery) which is very tempting! I mean, Mars Milky Way and a cappucino Oreo bar?? How can you resist! There is so much more on offer so do have a browse and you're always free to send some my way ;)

Well those are a few of my favourite sites! I do hope you check them out if you haven't already, they have beautiful products on offer and they are ran by some of the loveliest people. 

"No matter how far you travel or how much you run from it...can you ever really escape your past?"

Speak to you soon gorgeous girls!

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