Thursday, 9 September 2010

A little bit about me...

I'm just your average girl tippy-toe'ing through a dream...

...I believe in the magic of books. I love the smell of books, old and new. I think that certain books stand out to you for a reason and that, more often that not, that read ends up being an inspiration to you. Or a chance meeting with a friend who happens to lend you a book you wouldn't ordinarily go for- books have the ability to find their own way into our lives...and when they do, well that's when the magic happens.
...I believe that life is far too short to worry about the little things. If there's something you want, someone you love, an opportunity within reach- grab it with open hands because if you let the moment pass, you may never get that chance again. So stop worrying and take chances...before you look up and it's gone.

If you want something strongly enough then fight for it and don't you waste another second thinking about it. Nothing is as far away as one minute ago and nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. After all, time is definitely the most valuable thing you can spend. 

 ...I believe that 'what' and 'if' have the power to haunt your life forever when read side-by-side. Life is too short for 'what ifs'. Do what your heart tells you to do and don't let those words come back to haunt you.
...I like sweet beginnings, nicely-wrapped gifts and thoughtful surprises. Sweet beginnings mean hope. At that moment, everything is in your hands. You have a clean state, the chance to start afresh and so many opportunities and prospects within sight. As for nicely-wrapped gifts, well they stand for excitement. Giggling excitedly at the thought of this hidden surprise. But at the same time I hate to ruin the packaging (whoever said Aquarians are contradictory may have been right!) and find myself very reluctant to tear the beautiful wrapping and to untie the delicate ribbon.

...I believe that true luxury lies in time, comfort and humility. The freedom to live life my way. The realisation that we live in the best of all possible worlds...I don't know if I can say I've ever experienced real luxury before but then there's the other kind of luxury, isn't there? The smell of new shoes, the spritz of a new fragrance, the way new clothes hug your body so beautifully...
...I like to draw and I love writing poems. I tend to express my emotions through written words because I'm too afraid or stubborn to express them out loud. I don't know why I love drawing but I always have done, since I was a little girl. (Here comes the contradicting bit!) I can be very impatient but I'm happy to spend hours on a drawing. Kinda strange, right?

...I often feel lost. Like I've lost my map, my bearings...North isn't North anymore and my compass certainly isn't pointing the right way. The signs have disappeared and I don't know where I am anymore. I want someone to take me back to that beautiful place. Where life seemed stable and I seemed to know where I was headed.

,,,I'm a bit of a dreamer. I wish that some dreams were more than just random fragments spun from your waking life, pieced together to create a beautiful scenario. I wish that certain dreams held even a brief moment of reality- giving me a magical breath of hope that some things can, and will, weave into the conscious present. But that isn't always the case. Dreams have the power to make you feel like everything's ok, but the reality is quite the opposite.

... I think about all the things I'd like but don't really need (I don't think), a list based purely on lust. That's the way I'd like my life to actually be but fantasies being so fragile and all I thought I'd better cast my thoughts elsewhere before I get to the realisation bit and the disappointment sets in- that bit's always soul-destroying isn't it?

...I love the countryside. But I also love the city. I don't know whether I'm a city girl or a country girl so my wish is to own a country house one day nestled among some blooming magnolia trees with beautiful rose bushes scattered around. Maybe a place with a fresh, crystal lake within walking distance where I can go to get some 'me time'. But I'd also want a flat in the city so I don't feel so isolated. An apartment overlooking the busy bodies in a city that never sleeps- when I was younger, I'd always dreamed of living in the Big Apple. I think NYC would suit me just fine, as long as I had the countryside to escape to once in a while.
...I'm a sucker for romance. But I'm not sure I believe in love...not at the moment anyway. Every time a man opens a door for me, I look him in the eyes, smile, and instantly (if only briefly) fall in love. I sure hope chivalry isn't dead.

...They say love is everything it's cracked up to be...that it really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for...[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅|̲̅‹̲̅3̲̅] to me can be a heart with broken wings...a world spinning upside instrument playing rich strains of music rather than beautiful melodies...delicate flowers dying isn't simple and sometimes the heart can't take the baggage that comes with it.

...I hate those little morsels of happiness that are now but tiny memories. The only good thing about them is that they come and go. But I hate how, with time, memories fade away. You never really remember what exactly happened because when you recall them, there's always something different about the moment in mind. As though you've changed part of it to agree with what you would have liked to happen. So it's a pity when those good thoughts and memories float away.

I'm also short. I was born in Versailles, France and grew up in a little town called Plaisir for 7 years. I had family in Paris so would travel up every weekend and have picnics by the Eiffel Tower. Flowers on Parisian balconies, identical café tables and chairs, colourful graffiti, the Eiffel Tower and its twinkly lights, chocolate and pistachio soft Italian whippy ice-cream, the creamy shade of Parisian walls...aah, what a simple but sweet luxury 

I am always willing to try new things, I love making new friends and I absolutely adore my Mum's cooking- I know everybody thinks that their Mum's cooking is the best but believe me- my Mum's cooking definitely is the best!! 

I like my privacy and freedom. But I'm like a bird learning to fly. My wings don't quite work just yet but I'm getting there. Soon I'll be able to fly to where I want, when I want (or at least that's my dream).

I'm down-to-earth, incredibly loyal, very trustworthy and as honest as honest can be. I believe in karma (what goes around certainly comes back around, we do live in a round planet after all) so I see no point in lying- besides, the truth is easier to remember. To put it simply, I'm the best friend every girl wants and the girlfriend every guy dreams of ;)

I'm modest too haha well I think that's enough about me, I'm sure I've bored you enough! It's off to sleep for me, I hope Mr Sandman sprinkles dream dust on me tonight! 

"Soul mates- reality or torture device?"
*Sweet dreams*

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