Saturday, 18 September 2010

Coats that'll float your boat!

Ok so I may keep going on about the change in temperature but seriously- I'm gonna have to turn the gas heating on soon because last night I even slept in a tee and hoody and ended up shivering during the night! Bad times!

And the one item of clothing that's topping my happy shopping list at the moment is the good ol' Autumn/Winter coat. I need one so badly! Having done my research, here's a few that I think may tickle your fancy- and hopefully your bank account's! A good coat doesn't come cheap but make sure you wrap up warm in style this season :)
(clockwise) Oasis cotton mix spot mac £64 on sale; Lipsy drape side skirted mac £70A|Wear contrast trimmed mac £32 on sale; pleat shoulder mac £52 on sale; pleated swing coat £70


(clockwise) Hankie hem coat £59.99leopard print faux fur coat £39.99metallic jacquard coat £54.99furry hood duffle coat £44.99







(clockwise) leopard print swing jacket £60pleat swing coat £60regal mac £60demetri coat £50lace print mac £45scalloped mac £40

There isn't much to say about coats- their styles rarely change (apart from the odd leopard print and military-style coats here and there) and macs, parkas and swing coats will always be in season. So grab yourself a gorgeous coat in anticipation of fall and make sure you pull just in time for the festive season ;)

"I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it."

Goodnight (or good morning rather!) my lovelies!

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