Wednesday, 8 September 2010

And I like the weather...

...sunshine, snow, wind and torrential downpours. Ok maybe not so much the wind. But I do love thunder and lightning; I find there's something magical about it, as though- at that very moment -something changed. Time froze and something amazing happened. You don't know it and you probably didn't see it but it did. And it changed your destiny, but you'll never know it. 

And I didn't say I liked rain, I said I liked torrential downpours- there's a difference. You can shelter yourself from the rain, but you can never really shelter yourself from heavy downpours. So d'you know what I do when I'm out and those beautiful drops are flowing? I do twirly twirls and let myself cleanse in the cloudburst. Sometimes happiness is the freedom you feel doing twirly, twirls in the rain :)

We all know just how unpredictable British weather can be- we had plenty of silvery showers when it was supposed to be sunny and a lot of sunshine reception when it's supposed to be Autumn. Summer did do a great job of impersonating (if I can use that word) Winter didn't it! Which brings me on to the point of this blog- we all need a staple Autumn coat to welcome the new season. So here's a selection of gorgeous coats at a various price range (from price low to high) to keep you warm but looking good:
New Look Unlined Dolly Mac £27.99
ASOS pleat detail waisted mac £35 (pink)
Republic Miso belted large collared jackett £44.99 Claudia frill pleated coat £45
Dorothy Perkins grey button military jacket £50 South double-breasted military coat (also available in petite and tall) £59
Some of these coats can be found in a variety of colours so why not opt for a lime green/yellow duffel coat or an electric blue/red mac to inject a bit of colour to your wardrobe! Do you know what I'm most looking forward to with the arrival of Autumn? The scattered goldy brown leaves in the woodland park near me :) I think it adds instant beauty to the park. Besides, I like the crunchy sound the leaves make when you step on them!

Here's another inspiring SATC quote for you:

"Can we make a mistake and miss our fate...?"
A friend of mine argues that if you had control over it, then it was never really fate...hmmm!

Over and out!

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