Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hot Hairbands ♥

I absolutely love hairbands! Feather, pearl, chain- I love them all! I think your hairstyle is a big part of your sense of style; it isn't all about the clothing. So sometimes it's nice to decorate your hair with some cute hairbands or headbands. Personally, I prefer hairbands but if I see a headband I love, then I'll just wear it as a hairband- simples! :)

Summer may be fading away but it doesn't mean you can't dress your hair up a bit. The best thing about hair accessories is that your hair itself doesn't have to be styled to wear one; that's the beauty of them. Some girls who are having a bad hair day cover it up with a hat- I prefer hairbands.

So here's a selection of hairbands that I own, followed by a range of beautiful hair accessories available in-store and online.
This threaded chain and flower headband is from ASOS. It is now out of stock but I bagged it for £2 while it was on sale- bargain!
This plaited pearl stone set chain and fabric hairband was also from ASOS but, unfortunately, is also out of stock. I bought it for £5.60 while it was on sale.
This lovely feather festival headband is £8 but I bagged it for £4 while it was on sale. I told you I prefer to wear it as a hairband :P I bought it via Facebook from the lovely Yaz at Poppies Handmade. I'm not sure if she'll be selling the same headband again but if you join her page then you can ask her yourself. I also bought this beauty from her:
This feathered/fascinator headband was on sale for £8 but again I purchased it for £4 during Poppies Handmade's super half-price sale :)
This vintage lace bando is £3.50 from New Look. I love the intricate lace design and the metallic detailing and the scalloped edges perfect this bando.
This feather bando is also from New Look and at just £4 it's a steal!
This beautiful Blakegodbold sequin and beaded headband is £22 from ASOS. It may be a bit pricey for your liking but it certainly is striking.
This Michelle sequin flower headband is only £5 from Boohoo! So is this Trina black beaded headband with bow and Aimee diamante bow alice band:
Can you tell I love bows?? 

Now here's a selection from Monsoon:
I luurve the sequin trimming of this Ballerina boudoir alice band. It also has beautiful diamante detailing at the centre of each ruffle flower for some extra sparkle. What's more, it's only a tenner which makes me love it even more!

I think this boho feather statement alice band speaks for itself. I love its vibrant colours and the feather and gem detailing- beautiful!
This silky carnation bouquet alice band is simply beautiful and elegant. I think it would make for stunning bridal wear, despite the abundance of fabric flowers.

I will also soon be purchasing this beauty from the lovely VintagePrincess Laura for just £6.50. I can't wait!
I'm not exactly sure from where the above hairband was purchased as it was previously my sister's but I thought I'd include a pic nonetheless!

So why not invest in a sweet hair accessory yourself to ensure that every day is a good hair day! :)

"What's it all worth?"

Have a good night sweetpeas!

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