Thursday, 9 September 2010

Oh how I love those little elves ♥

So, beauty. It's a big ask: is beauty in the eye of the beholder? I can't really answer that. I believe in natural beauty but at the same time, I won't leave the house wearing at least my black eyeliner. Apparently us Aquarians tend to contradict ourselves a lot! Or so I've heard. Of all beauty products, my relationship with fragrance is the strongest- but that's a topic for another day. Beauty's a tricky business; too much fake tan and you'll look like a member of the Umpa Lumpas; too much mascara and it looks like little spiders are sitting on your eyelids; not enough under-eye concealer and you could seem tired and dreary.

But beauty doesn't have to be tricky with elf cosmetics. It is by far my favourite make-up brand at the minute. It's incredibly cheap but does wonders for your skin, that I promise you! I've only purchased 6 different items so far but I've heard great things about their wide range of products. For more in-depth reviews and to be the first to know about free shipping and other offers, join their newsletter as well as their Facebook page. For every thousand fans that join, they run brilliant promotions as well as competitions so it's definitely worth having a moogle!

So let me talk you through the e.l.f. products I do own and why I find them so amazing. First is their mineral foundation:

Costing just £3.50 you needn't really worry about whether or not the colour you choose will match your skin tone. What I love about this mineral foundation is that it gives the same effect as the L'Oreal Paris True Match Minerals but without the bigger price tag (I should know, I used to buy the True Match Mineral Foundation for years at £13.99 before I discovered e.l.f.!). Ok so it comes in a much smaller tub but it is packed with loose powder and can last you for months! It gives your skin a radiant look and blends very naturally to match your skin tone. 

Then there's the tone correcting concealer at just £1.50:

It says on the website that the scent is 'sugar orange' and they're not lying! The first thing I loved about this tone correcting concealer was the swift of orangey smell that soaks up your nostrils- it's heavenly! The second thing I loved about it was the fact that it actually works. However, I'll dab a small amount under my eyes then apply a dab of 2True cover 'n' conceal over it. The blend masks my imperfections well.

The following product I absolutely adore! It's the shimmering facial whip. This cute little tube is filled with shimmery goodness and candy colours. I opted for the pink lemonade colour and, again, this smells of sugar orange- simply delightful!

This beautiful product costs just £1.50. You may think it's small but believe me it lasts- and at £1.50 you can't really complain! All you need a pearl-sized amount to blend into your cheeks, eyes or even lips; I use this beauty on my cheeks. It gives my skin a beautiful dewy look, brightening my skin instantly- it's a make-up bag essential! Apply too much, though, and it can make your skin appear a bit too shiny so I often add a bit of mineral blush on top. What's more, this whippy goodness is filled with Vitamin B, C and E so it's great for your skin!

On to the mineral blush. What I love about the e.l.f. mineral blush is it's subtle. It adds a bit of glow to your skin without making you look like you've applied too much make-up. It may be subtle but it certainly adds effortless definition to your cheekbones so it's definitely a staple. What's more, their blushes are 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes so it's nicely natural :)


Moving on to the windows of our soul, I use the e.l.f. mineral eyeliner. For years I used Collection 2000's liquid eyeliner and it suited me fine. But for some reason, over the years, the eyeliner started to dry up quickly and started to crack, I'm not sure why. But as soon as I discovered e.l.f. I knew I wanted to try out so many of its products! And I discovered this:

It costs just £3 and is amazing. I stayed away from pencil eyeliners because I always found it difficult to apply- you're probably thinking I'm crazy for finding liquid eyeliner easier to apply but I just find the hard nib of an eyeliner pencil tricky to use. So you can imagine my delight when I came across this mineral eyeliner. It's not liquid, nor is it pencil- it's somewhere in between which suits me just fine.

I find it so easy to apply. It's soft and gentle on the eyes which is great because that's what's always put me off about pencil eyeliners. It has a twist up applicator so you don't need to worry about any mess and is just brilliant- I highly recommend it! I've also heard that the cream eyeliner from the Studio range is pretty amazing so that's worth checking out too.

Last but not least is the plumping lip glaze:

This lip plumper costs just £1.50 and has a mint scent- I love the fresh mint scent. It infuses natural ingredients and leaves your lips feeling moisturised and oh-so-soft! It is dual-sided with tinted colour and a clear gloss to apply on top for a subtle plump. I love its tingling sensation when applied and it looks beautiful for that perfect pout :)

For some absolutely amazing and handy e.l.f. tutorials, please visit Oxford Jasmine's website and subscribe to her Youtube videos. Her tutorials and tips are so useful, she's a real gem! You can also find her on Facebook so feel free to add her and keep up-to-date with her tutorials.

So if you want simple, effortless beauty products that will give you real results then do visit e.l.f., they sure won't disappoint! And don't forget to join their Facebook page for incredible offers and promotions, as well as super competitions! :)

"No matter how hard we look, do we ever see ourselves clearly?"

Stay tuned for some colourful, incredible websites!

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