Monday, 13 September 2010

It's in the bag!

Matthew McConaughey was right when he said that a woman's purse is her secret source of power (you know, in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days). Every girl needs a handbag to store her girly goodies and make-up essentials- maybe even her perfume bottle in case one of life's little surprises happens to walk past, giving her the eye ;) Or for the keen student or journalist, maybe a bag roomy enough to store her notebooks and pens.

Quilted, snakeskin, studded- there's an unbelievably broad range of bag designs around these days! If I'm ever after a new bag, I tend to pop into TK Maxx for its beautiful, well-priced range of bags or River Island because you'll always manage to find something unique in there, a bag that'll make you stand out from the crowd.

But I've recently discovered a new site: Secret Handbag. They offer a selection of the latest designer handbags, as well as designer inspired handbags so there are plenty of beautiful bags to suit every budget!

Having bagged (no pun intended! haha) a Claudia Canova bag on sale at Asos in the past, I fell in love with the brand. It offers quality material, vibrant colours and plenty of storage for all your essentials.

You may have seen one of my recent posts titled 'Animal Instincts'. Well why not go on the prowl and release your wild side with this gorgeous Claudia Canova faux fur twin strap bowling bag, priced at £59:
It has a zip top opening with a rear zipped pocket and sports the Claudia Canova signature plate at the front (just so your girl friends know it's genuine ;)

Or if you can't afford to loosen your purse strings, why not opt for this designer inspired quilted stam style brown shoulder bag for just £17.50 on sale!
Or how about this Red or Dead bag also on sale for only £20:
Whatever style you're after, Secret Handbag has something to suit everyone. But all of their handbags are usually available in small quantities so if you see something you like, be sure to snap it up before someone beats you to it because once they're gone, they're gone!

Bag a bargain today with their affordable, individual and great quality bags. Featuring 100% authentic designer handbags and low-priced labels for the not-so-rich girl, you can't really go wrong! They also sell a lovely range of accessories, including watchesbelts & scarvesbag charms & keyrings, as well as a small selection of designer sunglasses.

Sign up to their newsletter via their website or become a fan on Facebookto be the first to hear about special offers and promotions.
(Psst! enter code FACE15 at the checkout for 15% off your order! Valid until 17th Sept)

A few care tips, courtesy of the amazing Gis√®le aka the goddess experience (check out her site and buy her books at selected bookstores)...

More often than not, your bag will be lined with canvas, nylon or pig suede. To clean, gently tease the interior out and use a standard lint roller to pick up debris. Or try the fabric-brush attachment on your vacuum (without turning it on might I add)

Leather is a skin- fact- so treat it like you would your own. Keep it happy with a leather conditioning cream. There's no reason to treat it with a protectant or a silicone spray. Caught in the rain? Run for cover, then dab (don't wipe!) moisture away. I know of one girl who moisturises her bags with her face moisturisers- if you're tempted, try a hidden patch first.

Structured bags with stiff bottoms often have 'feet' (metal rivets incorporated into the base) to protect the leather against scratches and stains. An idea might be to ask a professional shoe mender to see if they'll add feet for you.

Store your bag away when not in use by stuffing it with acid-free paper and placing it in a beautiful 100% pure cotton embroidered 'shoes' storing bag, available online for £10.

Handles and straps
Residue from lotions can discolour and age material- another good reason to keep handles clean. Also, don't overstuff your bag- too much weight can weaken stitching or damage straps.

Deep scratches or cracks on metal are virtually impossible to repair. But bag and shoe repair shops can replate hardware to hide finer flaws.

Keep these working smoothly by running a pencil or a piece of natural beeswax (found in hardware stores) over a zipper's open teeth.

Wanna clean old leather without damaging it?
Use a warm, damp (not wet) cloth lathered up with a gentle soap, such as Dove or Imperial Leather. Rub the leather well, wringing the cloth out and working in the soap until all the dirt has gone. Buff it up with a soft cloth before polishing with leather cream or polish. Test a hidden patch first, as some leathers might not react well to water.

Clean your bag
Use an Ecloth, available at John Lewis or at to give your bag a good clean at least once a week. Clean the underside especially.

"It's just a little bag, but we feel naked in public without it"


  1. Hey shibz.. well written, lots of info and tips on taking care of handbags :)

  2. Thanks a lot for the feedback Ms Q! :) xx