Saturday, 18 December 2010

10 Things I...

...hate about you am loving right now!

╚► E.l.f. Cosmetics: In particular their shimmering facial whip along with their duo cream eye shadows and sparkly 'Twinkle' nail polish 

╚► Cupcakes: See my previous post for some yummy pics to tease your tastebuds! I also recommend checking out Camp Cupcake for some beautiful treats- you can also find them on Facebook 

╚► Paulo Coelho: You'll have noticed this if you've ever visited My Happy Place. His words really inspire me and I'm currently in the middle of reading 'The Alchemist' which has really helped me to see things, and indeed life, in a different light- who knew that when a person really desires something, the universe conspires to help that person achieve their dream? 

╚► Angus & Julia Stone: A little while ago, I won their album 'Down the Way' and ever since I've been hooked on the beautiful musical journey that is Angus and Julia Stone. Not only are the musical notes of a sweet, soft ambience but the lyrics are wonderful and unique 

╚►Knitwear: I've always been the kind of girl that chooses fashionable, casual comfort over tight-fitting ensembles that I'm not comfortable wearing so I'm definitely loving cosying up to knitwear this cold season. It keeps you warm and toasty while ticking a number of trends and can be worn with literally anything, be it jeans, leggings, skirts or shorts! I particular like the range you can find at MissguidedAsos and Republic 

╚► The Apprentice: I will be very sad to see it end tomorrow!! :( First I had to give up Merlin and now The Apprentice- it's too much to handle in the space of two weeks! I love the things I learn from Lord Sugar, especially his witty metaphors and whatnot: "In the interest of climate change, I don't want to hear any more crap from you"- that man is a genius, with or without his entrepreneurial skills! 

╚► Skype: Call me sad if you may but I think Skype is a Godsend! It means free calls between anyone who has a Skype sim card or Skype installed on their laptop or computer which essentially includes free international calls- I think that's pretty amazing! It means I can chat to family in India and France without that hefty long distanced phone bill, although it's just as good for chatting to friends in the country, as you can play games while being able to verbally speak to them at the same time- it's just that little bit better than msn in my opinion! 

╚► Bonjour mon coussin: Offering beautiful, quirky designs, this site has a gorgeous range of pillow covers, tote bags and wallets, among other things which would make amazing, unique gifts. You might find the products a wee bit out of your price range but I know I would be really happy to receive something from there- the stuff is pretty, colourful and super girly 

╚► Dark mulberry scented candles: We sell them at work (Next Home) and I absolutely love the smell of it! It's weird how different scents take you to someplace new and this candle definitely does, I don't know why! Everytime I'm at work, I just have to have a sniff so the smell lingers for a bit- I think it's high time I use my discount to get myself one for my bedroom! ;) I should probably also mention that I'm very much in love with selected fragrances that are exclusive to Next: namely 'Diamonds', 'Gold' and 'Cashmere'- the best bit? You can get 100ml for just £12!! Or £9 for me ;P love it 

╚► Your feedback: Since I installed the Facebook like box below each post, I've had a lovely response from you friendly followers and it makes me smile even more to notice comments from you gorgeous girls, so please keep them coming! I appreciate every one of them 


So what are you loving right now?? I'd love to hear about it! You might even introduce me to something I've never come across :)

"Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk. The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character." - Margaret Chase Smith 


  1. Loving knitwear as well! And holiday decorations :) x

  2. Holiday decorations is a good one! Have you ever visited They have some lovely seasonal ones :) xxx