Sunday, 14 November 2010

What do you do when you're bored...?

So I'm sitting here bored out of my brain after having caught up on the TV shows I usually watch and then the thought sprung to mind: what do people do when they're bored? In the past month, I've blogged about all things pretty and wanted in fashion land and that would actually use up a lot of my time...but now I actually have a job, I spend my spare time catching up on my programmes, losing myself in a good book, and meeting up with friends where possible. It's easy to underestimate how long it takes to prepare and actually put together a fashion blog post, especially since you have to research the items you want to feature, as well as save the pics and sort out the layout of your post; hence why you haven't seen a new fashion blog post on here for a wee while- apologise for that!

It's pitch black outside and I have little energy to prepare my conventional blog post highlighting fashion's most wanted and latest trends so I thought I would instead ask you what it is you do when you're bored? I really need some ideas!

Like I said- I'll catch up on my TV shows and read a book when I'm not feeling so drained but then there comes a time when that itself gets boring and I have to find something else to entertain me- something different! Otherwise it's just me and my thoughts and believe me- that aint a good thing half the time!

I used to write poems and draw a lot...but I think I'm lacking inspiration on the poem front and as for drawing- well that also takes a lot of time and commitment which isn't really something I have at the moment. If I had a decent gym within walking distance then I would definitely go every day- I used to be quite the gym fanatic; once I have a routine, I tend to stick to it as best I can. Home exercise just isn't as effective!

I enjoy walks in the countryside and there's a lovely woodland park just 5 minutes away from my home- problem is, it's that time of year where the pathways get really muddy and slushy and sometimes it can become impossible to get through to the other end of the park without slipping or falling on your arse! Excuse my language.

I quite fancy the idea of writing a novel...but I know my abilities and I don't think writing a book is one of them! Plus I really do need some inspiration...inspire me please ladies! I've also quite liked the idea of helping out at a nursing home- but I'd want to provide my company, rather than clean up. You know, read someone a book, or play chess with them or listen to their stories...I just wish there was one within walking distance instead of a bus ride away- as I really need to save up for the legal executive course I'm planning to start next September.

Dorothy Parker once said, "the cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." Well I for one definitely think she's onto something! If you don't explore, you'll never know what new things are out there for you to enjoy, learn, and discover...

Anyway, I think that's enough rambling on my part- now I want to hear you ramble about what it is you do to cure your boredom! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance gorgeous girls xx


  1. Start learning something on your own .. example a different language or experiment with photography :)

  2. I did try learning Spanish but I think I've come to a point in life where I no longer have the willpower to learn a new language :P I even tried sign language but the resources to actually learn sentences are quite limited :( Photography is definitely something I've wanted to experiment with- but I really REALLY want a professional camera! Thanks for the comment lovely :) xx